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Mohmmad Habibur Rahman


Mohammad Habibur Rahman is the visionary and founder of Zara & Co. With years of experience in the export, import, and supply industry, he has established the company as a leading player in the market. As the Proprietor, Rahman brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, guiding the strategic direction of the company. His strong leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in the growth and success of Zara & Co. Rahman's commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction sets the foundation for the company's ethos, making him a driving force behind its continued expansion.

Diluar Hussain


Diluar Hussain is a dynamic and dedicated professional serving as the Manager of Zara & Co. With a comprehensive understanding of the export, import, and supply industry, Hussain plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the company. His strong organizational skills and attention to detail enable him to effectively manage the day-to-day activities, including procurement, logistics, and customer relations. As Manager, Hussain strives to maintain the highest standards of efficiency and professionalism, fostering a positive work environment and driving the team towards achieving the company's goals. With his exceptional leadership abilities, Hussain plays a vital role in Zara & Co.'s ongoing success.

Md. Masudn

Head of Marketing

Md. Masud is the Head of Marketing at Zara & Co., responsible for developing and implementing effective marketing strategies to promote the company's products and services. With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, Masud drives the marketing initiatives, ensuring that Zara & Co. remains at the forefront of the industry. His innovative thinking and creative approach contribute to the company's brand building, customer acquisition, and market expansion efforts. With his passion for excellence and extensive knowledge of marketing techniques, Masud plays a pivotal role in driving Zara & Co.'s growth and establishing it as a trusted and recognized brand in the global market.

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